About Us

Arrow Literary Magazine is an online magazine that was started in January 2018 by college student Anita Fragoso. When she was younger, Anita dreamed of being a writer. After being told numerous times by family and teachers that it would never be a reality, she gave up on her dream and pursued a college career in law.

Two years into college, Anita spent a night in a rum-induced haze with a co-worker who convinced her that sometimes you need to a take the leap to pursue the things that mean the most to you. It was that night that Anita realized her true passion was with writing, and started her journey to fulfill this passion. She looked into literary magazines and realized that not only was it an excellent way for her to gain experience in the writing field, but it was an opportunity to allow other aspiring writers to have their voices heard.

She pulled together a hard-working team and they worked together to create an online literary magazine that would give writers the ability to publish their work, and give readers the chance to find material that they have not yet experienced reading. 

Her vision for Arrow is finally coming true, and we invite you to join us either by reading through our weekly releases, subscribing to our monthly issues, or submitting your own work for a chance to be published on our website.

Arrow Literary Magazine and all of its monthly issues are dedicated to Marisol O. and Tali O.